A New Where-to-go-with-Kids Guidebook for Buffalo

There’s a new book for families looking for winter fun ideas:  60 Great Places to Go With Kids Within 60 Miles of Buffalo features more than 60 kid-friendly, fun places to go—all within an hour’s drive from home.

Buffalo and the surrounding areas are full of incredible places to go with kids, and this book describes the popular as well as off-the-beaten-track sites that are fun for the entire family.   Whether you like outdoor activities, historic places, museums, animals, festivals, the arts, sports or nature, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy within the pages of this convenient, pocket-sized book.

Says co-author Connie Herrera, “If you’re new to the Buffalo area, I want you to be astounded at your luck in moving here. If you’re here for a visit, I hope you’ll want to come back again to do more. And, if you’ve lived here all your life, I hope you’ll be surprised at how many places you haven’t yet explored and how many you want to visit again.”

Grandparents, too, will love the variety of options for outings with their grandchildren. Said one surprised grandparent, “I gave the book to my grandkids and they picked out a place I would never have expected them to choose. You just never know what will interest kids until they read about it themselves.”

You can purchase the book on this website or visit one of the stores listed.

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