Connie Herrera, creator and publisher

Connie Herrera currently lives in Rochester, New York — by way of California, Germany, Massachusetts, and New York again. Travel is her passion, and she’s visited 44 states and 20 foreign countries.

“I grew up in the town of White Plains, NY, just outside New York City. Almost every week we drove past the historic inn that was Washington’s Headquarters at the Battle of White Plains. I was always intrigued by the chimney, which had a large stone carved into a half moon set into the stones. When I moved to Boston after college, I realized that although I had been to practically every museum in New York City, I had never been inside Washington’s Headquarters, a site that was just around the corner. That began my mission that wherever I lived, I would not miss the places and history that were right in front of me.

“What I love so much about creating these travel guides is providing visitors a exciting range of new and off-the-beaten-path places to explore as well as showing residents the area they live in with fresh eyes.  Somehow, when you live in a place for a while, things seem more exciting somewhere else. We plan vacations to exotic new destinations and research all the places to explore there — just a visitors to our area marvel at all there is to do here. I want to create that same excitement and sense of exploration — all within 60 miles of home.”

Nicole Kelly, contributing writer

Nicole is a Licensed Social Worker turned stay-at-home mom, who is always looking for something “kidtastic” to do. She regularly writes an online blog and a newspaper column about raising kids in the country. She loves keeping chickens, but also being a hop away from the city. She lives in Western New York with her husband and three children.

Rosanne M. Rivers, contributing writer

Rosanne has many years of experience writing for the arts, health care, and business. Her clients have included the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Monroe Community College, the Eastman School of Music, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Eastman Kodak Company. She lives in Rochester, New York with her young son who particularly enjoyed helping with her research for this book!